When You Should See a Doctor for Your Sports Injury

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Sports injuries are a common occurrence among athletes of all levels. While some injuries are minor and heal quickly, others can be more serious and require extended treatment. But how do you know which sports injuries can be left to heal on their own and which ones require a doctor’s attention?

Pain That Goes Away But Comes Back

It’s easy to ignore pain when trying to push through a challenging workout or finish a race. But ignoring pain can lead to more significant problems down the road, especially if the pain is coming from a sports injury. So when should you see a licensed doctor for your sports injury?

Pain that goes away but returns is usually a sign something is wrong. If the pain is sharp or intense, it’s a good idea to see a doctor immediately. However, if the pain is more of a dull ache, you may be able to wait a few days to see if the ache goes away on its own.

If the pain doesn’t go away after a few days, or if it gets worse, you should definitely see a doctor. They can diagnose the problem and recommend a course of treatment.

Significant Swelling 

Swelling is perhaps one of the most common signs of a sports injury. While some swelling is normal, significant swelling can signify a more serious problem.

If you have a sports injury and are experiencing significant swelling, it is important to see a doctor. Swelling can indicate a more serious problem, such as a break or tear.

Your doctor can determine the cause of your swelling and recommend the best course of treatment. If your swelling is the result of a more serious injury, you may need surgery or other medical treatment. 

Inability to Bend or Move a Joint

There are a few different instances where you should see a licensed doctor for your sports injury. One of them is when you cannot bend or move a joint. This could signify a serious injury, such as a fracture. If you cannot put any weight on the joint or move it at all, it is crucial to see a doctor immediately.

Your doctor can take X-rays and order other tests to determine the extent of your injury. Your doctor will also be able to give you a treatment plan to help you recover. 

Numbness and Tingling 

If you experience numbness or tingling while participating in a sport, you must see a doctor immediately. This is especially true if the numbness or tingling is accompanied by pain, swelling, or bruising. 

Numbness and tingling can be signs of a serious injury, such as a concussion or a nerve injury. If you don’t receive prompt treatment, you may be at risk for further damage.

Your physician will likely order imaging tests, such as an MRI, to determine the cause of your symptoms. Once the cause is determined, your doctor will create a treatment plan to help you recover. 

If you have a concussion, you’ll need to rest and avoid activities that could cause further injury. If you have a nerve injury, you may need surgery to repair the damage. 

In some cases, numbness and tingling may resolve on their own with time and rest. However, it’s essential to see a doctor so that you can receive the right diagnosis and treatment.

Final Thoughts

If you experience any type of pain or discomfort during or after physical activity, you must see a doctor immediately. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to more serious injuries that could sideline you for weeks or even months. While some aches and pains are normal, especially if you’re just starting to get active, others can signify something more serious. If you’re ever unsure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and get checked out.

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