Should You Visit Urgent Care Because of a Winter Fall?


The summer heat is slowly bidding goodbye as the freezing temperature comes in. It might be a relief that there won’t be any record-breaking hot temperatures or fires for a while, but there are still some risks that come with the winter. The colder temperature might just turn every puddle into its own little pool of ice. 

Plus, there’s a high chance that many parts of the US are expecting a La Niña winter, which entails strong winds and a damp freeze all around. It’s much more likely for people to slip and fall because of the cold and slippery ground.

Don’t hesitate to visit urgent care if you have a pretty bad fall this winter. Continue reading for some more information on your potential injuries and emergencies, as well as some prevention tips to keep safe this season.

Winter Slips and Fall Injuries

Even people who aren’t considered a klutz are prone to slipping and falling whenever winter comes. The cold weather just makes the ground a little more dangerous than usual, which is why common injuries such as cuts, bruises, and sprains are bound to happen. 

There are also a few more severe winter fall injuries that will warrant an immediate visit into urgent care. For example, broken bones, pulled muscles, and dislocated joints would need a medical professional’s attention right away for a diagnosis.

Winter Fall Emergencies

One of the worst-case scenarios and emergencies that can emerge from a winter fall is a potential concussion, which happens when a person slips and hits their head. If a loved one of yours has hit their head, be sure to bring them to urgent care right away. 

Certain concussions may not be too worrying, but it can be too early to tell whether it’s a further brain injury. Getting them into urgent care as soon as possible and putting them under observation would ensure their well-being. 

Winter Fall Prevention

Whether you’ve fallen victim to some of these injuries or you’re just looking to exercise a little caution, there are some tips that you can do this winter. Here are some preventative measures that will lower the risk of winter falls this season:

  • Avoid Rushing. Most slips and falls, even without the winter, can happen because you’re rushing too much. Learn to take your time, especially when walking on foot outdoors, as not to dash and increase the risk of an injury. 
  • Find Slip-Resistant Fashion. Instead of aiming for appearance, try out functionality in your fashion instead by wearing slip-resistant clothing and boots this winter.
  • Shed Some Light on Everything. Another contributing factor to the possibility of falling somewhere this winter is the lack of lighting. Be sure to keep whatever area you’re going to lit so that you wouldn’t be navigating the slippery cold while blind.
  • Clear Any Causes for Tripping. If there are certain objects cluttered around and ready for you to trip on, try to get them out of the way.
  • Practice a Soft Landing. Safely simulate a fall to practice aiming for a soft landing, using your elbows and knees to slow down the impact while protecting your head.


Be prepared and more aware of the dangers that winter can bring to your health and well-being. Ensure to exercise as much caution as you can during the cold to ensure that you’re still together in one piece when winter ends.

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