Six Urgent Care Myths You Hear About Everyday Debunked

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Urgent care clinics are growing increasingly popular, which is excellent news for families all around the country who require immediate treatment. Even though they are becoming more common, there is also increasing disinformation regarding these medical institutions. If you believe any of the following beliefs, you may be missing out on the benefits that urgent care clinics may offer.

#1 Urgent care centers are an expensive healthcare option.

Receiving medical attention at an urgent care center is significantly less expensive than visiting an emergency hospital. A majority of patients will only need to shell out regular copay for an office visit, and their insurance carrier will cover any additional urgent care facility charges. The average cost of a trip to the emergency department is around $1,233 per visit; going into an urgent care clinic should not cost anywhere near that amount.

#2 You Can’t Get Treated Without an Appointment.

Quite the opposite, there’s no need to make an appointment or even phone to obtain treatment; walk in, and you will be seen quickly. The majority of urgent care clinics in the United States provide same-day appointments or accept walk-ins without an appointment.

#3 You Must Have a Previous Record

Urgent care clinics connected with standard family practices do not require any pre-registration to use their medical services. This form of medical care exists solely to provide accessible, quick, and high-quality care to everybody.

#4 Urgent Care Provides The Same Level of Care as Emergency Rooms

Understandably, some people confuse urgent care with emergency care because there are many basic similarities, but they are not the same. The emergency room was designed to handle serious, life-threatening scenarios, such as severe bleeding, heart attacks, strokes, or trouble breathing. Urgent care clinics also address severe diseases, but they do so for medical issues that can — and should — be handled promptly. Ankle sprains, ear infections, nausea, and vomiting are common urgent care concerns. Although many people assume these two medical institutions are the same, patients with life-threatening conditions continue to visit urgent care clinics. Critical care professionals are not suited to handle some situations and dispatch an ambulance if they think the visitor needs immediate medical assistance.

#5 Urgent Care Centers Provide Subpar services.

This could not be farther from the truth. Several urgent care clinics around the country are staffed by doctors who have their practices. When you go into an urgent care facility, you will most likely be treated by a physician or a nurse practitioner – all of whom are skilled and equipped to provide care for a wide range of medical issues.

#6 Urgent Care Centers Take Away The Need to Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Regardless of how good the service at your local urgent care facility is, you must see your primary care physician frequently. Sure, there are plenty of skilled and compassionate doctors on staff at urgent care clinics, but they cannot and should not replace a connection with a regular doctor. Even if you go to an urgent care clinic seven days in a row, you could see seven different doctors. On the other hand, a regular physician can assist keep a thorough record of your medical history, give expert advice, and monitor your health. Also, following any emergency care treatment, make sure to follow up with your regular doctor and provide them with copies of your documents. There are also specific urgent care clinics that will speak freely with your doctor.


Urgent care clinics allow patients to obtain high-quality medical care that they otherwise would not be able to receive. Another significant advantage of attending an Urgent Care facility rather than a hospital is the waiting time isn’t very long. When you consider the benefit of not having hospital expenses piling up, attending an urgent care center may be your best choice! If you have any concerns about urgent care facilities,  Agile Urgent Care is one of the leading urgent care facilities around New Jersey, USA.


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