3 Important Things You Need to Understand About Coughs

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Coughs are a common ailment and are perfectly harmless—even normal—in most cases. It is the body’s way to combat phlegm and other irritants in the throat. However, a prolonged cough may indicate that something is amiss, whether it is an allergic reaction or a bacterial infection.

This article will give you a walkthrough about coughs, including when you should see a doctor and more.

How do I know if I should see the doctor for my coughing?

If you find that your cough does not seem to alleviate after a week or two, you will want to visit an urgent care clinic to have it checked. The reason we recommend urgent care clinics is because doctors are used to treating coughs. 

Apart from lasting two weeks or longer, shortness of breath, blood-coated phlegm, yellowish or greenish thick mucus, and chest pains are all signs that your cough might be caused by something more serious. If you notice any of these signs, visit an urgent care clinic immediately. 

Should I use cough syrup?

In many cases, yes! If you are an adult, you can use cough syrup to block your cough reflex to reduce how often you cough. That being said, if you are planning to give it to children, you might want to reconsider.

 Cough syrup is seen as a quick and easy over-the-counter solution to deal with coughs and colds. Although used by many adults, many parents are skeptical about its safety with kids. However, they are perfectly safe so long as you follow proper dosages as recommended by the manufacturer and the doctor. Only with misuse does cough syrup become dangerous.

Is there any natural remedy for coughing?

If you want to avoid cough syrup and any other medicines to treat your cough, worry no; there are plenty of non-medicinal ways to help yourself recover. One of the most common remedies is making a warm tea containing ginger, honey, and lemon. These ingredients help soothe the throat, reducing the cough reflex to help you feel more comfortable. 

Other remedies also exist, such as mint tea, mint candies, and other mint products. Mint can cool and desensitize the throat in the event of any irritation. While it will not address the cause of the illness, it can help you cough a lot less. 

Hot drinks are also great at reducing the intensity of a cough. They can be useful if your throat is irritated by cold and dry air, as the heat can moisturize your respiratory system. The heat can also soften and loosen the mucus, helping you dislodge any phlegm that might cause you to cough.


With all of that in mind, we hope you are more aware of coughing. Keep them in mind when you face coughing, noting what you can do to relieve them if you need to and what signs you should look out for before visiting the doctor. Once again, avoid giving your kids under the minimum age stated by the cough syrup container any cough syrup, as the risk of overdose is high. Instead, rely on natural remedies that we have listed to relieve coughing. It is a safer and, in some cases, even healthier way to address coughing, allowing you to live a happy and cough-free life!

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