What Your Teenage Daughter Needs to Know about UTI

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In 2019, the Office of Women’s Health reported that UTI is a common ailment for women. The CDC enumerated the following as the common symptoms of the disease:

  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Continual urination
  • The sensation of constantly peeing despite having an empty bladder
  • Blood in urine

This ailment affects ladies of all ages. However, teenagers might hesitate to inform their parents of feeling any of the symptoms. In that case, you should assure your daughter that this is a common affliction. Or better yet, you can read this article with her.

What Is UTI?

UTI, or urinary tract infection, is a disease that originates from the urinary tract. The urinary tract begins from the kidney, the bladder, and the urethra – the opening where urine passes. It can be caused by urine leakage in the infected area or bacteria in the urinary tract.

UTI affects both men and women, although women are more prone because of their anatomy. The anatomical structure of their urinary system makes it easier for bacteria to enter.

They have shorter urethras and shorter kidneys. As a result, any bacteria will have a shorter distance to travel before reaching the urinary tract.

What Causes UTI in Teenagers?

UTI is often found in women who are sexually active because they are more exposed to bacteria. However, it does not mean that every girl with a sexually transmitted disease will also get UTI. 

UTI can be transmitted through sexual contact. It can also be acquired through contaminated sex toys or toilet seats. Despite the availability of antibiotics, the infection may not be easy to treat. That is why it is essential to prevent UTI in the first place.

Teens are not immune to UTI even if they are not sexually active. Remember that UTI is caused by bacteria that can enter the urinary tract through the urethra, which is not covered by an intact hymen. 

If your teenage female is dealing with a sudden onset of UTI symptoms or she is at risk of developing a UTI, it is best to see your doctor right away.

Can Menstrual Period Cause UTI?

It is a common misconception that UTI can be acquired through a woman’s menstrual period. Menstruation does not increase a woman’s vulnerability to the disease, but it can cause the onset of her symptoms. If the UTI is caused by menstruation, the beginning of the illness would be a few days after the woman starts getting her period.

If your daughter gets a UTI in her menstruation, you can ask her to change her sanitary napkin more often to prevent bacteria buildup in the genitals. Also, because of the risk of UTI, it is best to advise your teen to urinate after sex.

How to Prevent UTI?

UTIs can be prevented through the following means:

  • The most effective way of preventing UTIs is by maintaining proper hygiene. Your teen can start with washing her hands and genitals regularly. Also, your daughter should urinate after she uses the toilet or after she has sex.
  • The teenager should not use feminine hygiene products that are not designed for her age. She should avoid douching. 
  • The teenager should avoid sharing her undergarments and other personal items with other women. 


Teens may be reluctant to share that they are experiencing UTI symptoms. If you are the parent of a teenage girl and she is experiencing UTI symptoms, bring her to the doctor immediately to prevent further problems.

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