How Physical Therapy Can Help You Take Charge of Your Health

physical therapy

Not many people understand the experience of great chronic pain. This type of pain can prevent people from moving and doing things an average person could. In many cases, chronic pain is not so debilitating that they cannot move but constant, increasing or decreasing in certain areas. 

Most cases of chronic pain come from patients’ pre-existing conditions. Cancer, autoimmune diseases, or former injuries that haven’t healed properly are a few examples. And while there is no known cure for these conditions, one way to help manage the pain is through physical therapy.  

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a healthcare procedure guided by professional physiotherapists. The goal of these medical professionals is to promote, maintain, or restore health by examining and evaluating your physical health and using the best techniques to help you manage your pain and regain your mobility. All physical therapists are licensed and go through years of medical training to learn more about treating and preventing various physiological issues. 

How Can it Help with Chronic Pain?

Physical therapy is a non-invasive way to prevent pain. Physical therapists can help you ease tension and pain and help you move better through exercise programs. They find the pain points and use many techniques to address the structural issues.

Therapists use manual therapies, also known as bodywork, to relax the joints and muscles and boost circulation. This is basically a massage to help ease the pain. Techniques like soft-tissue mobilization can increase mobility around the joints, break up scar tissue, and release tension.

Physical therapists also have methods that use various physical therapy devices. Shockwave therapy and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS therapy are just some commonly used methods.

Other Ways to Help Manage Chronic Pain

Many doctors will still recommend a good amount of physical activity on a daily basis. You can take a yoga class, get a new trainer at the gym, or take your dog out for hour-long walks. Whatever gets you up and going is a good way to manage pain and stress on your body and mind. 

Just be sure you understand your physical limitations. When something is hurting badly, it’s best to stop or dial down the intensity of the activity.


Physical therapy is just one of the ways one can ease chronic pain. One big factor that helps reduce it is to make healthy lifestyle choices in your diet and daily routine. Incorporating physical activities, such as sports and exercise, can make an incredible difference in one’s life. Balancing that and regular trips to your physical therapist can help you take charge of your condition and make your life a lot less painful for you.

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