How to Seek Medical Assistance During COVID-19

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COVID-19 is undoubtedly the priority of most healthcare professionals and providers in the United States right now. The pandemic’s status seems to be going in multiple directions, making it difficult to get safe emergency care in today’s world. What used to be safe trips to the hospital to seek help can be a whole struggle with the virus’s threat. 

It can be challenging to tell the Coronavirus apart from the common flu, and now that the winter is upon New Jersey, this makes illnesses even more prevalent. What might seem to be harmless symptoms can be very serious, and most might warrant a trip to the emergency care room. 

COVID-19 Fears

Many people delay getting the medical care they need due to the fears of COVID-19, which is making people seriously ill. In fact, some emergency care departments have reported fewer numbers of patients that don’t have COVID-related symptoms. However, there are plenty of people in need of medical assistance daily, and some of these end up in strokes or heart attacks that become more severe and harder to treat. While fears of contracting the virus are omnipresent, any odd sensations must be dealt with immediately to prevent grave complications. 

Safety of Hospitals are Still Being Prioritized

Professionals recognize the need for healthcare at all levels. While COVID-19’s threat is real and pressing, leaving other patients who have other illnesses on their own isn’t exactly possible. Healthcare still needs to be provided for everyone, and most hospitals practice proper sanitation and care. Emergency rooms are now even more sanitized because of the risks of catching the virus. Most personnel are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), with some even providing the gear to patients. 

In most cases, wearing a mask and doing all sorts of screening during an emergency care department entrance are being implemented for utmost safety. Professionals are endlessly sanitizing themselves and changing their PPEs to keep up with safety measures. The staff also checks for symptoms of COVID in people, with those who have the symptoms in separate waiting areas. 

Other Options for Health Disparities

While the hospitals are focused heavily on treating COVID patients, and the risk is higher than usual, urgent care clinics are an excellent option to get a second opinion on other health issues. Some pains and discomfort that are less severe can be a job for some smaller clinics, reducing the risks of contracting the virus due to their involvement with fewer patients. 

The trick to preventing the disease is to reduce exposure and stay safe by using PPEs and masks. No matter where you go, whether it is a healthcare facility or a restaurant, staying sanitized and protected is essential to keeping healthy and away from infections. Most urgent care clinics are ready to assist patients with less severe injuries, health ailments, and common symptoms of sicknesses that aren’t reminiscent of COVID. Some might even offer testing for the virus, which can be quickly done for quality assurance. 


Hospitals are always the prime option for severe health issues. However, for less dangerous health ailments and injuries, urgent care clinics can do the job and reduce exposure to the virus. Keeping safe is essential, and helping the healthcare frontliners combat the pandemic will be integral in the fight against COVID-19 in America. 

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