Ear Infections: When Should You Rush to Get Treatment?

kids touching their ears

Nothing is worse than dealing with a massive ear infection. Even if this can happen at any age, kids are mostly affected by this, pushing them to go to a doctor right away. 

Although they could be a pain, ear infections are not always serious and could clear up on their own in a few days. But while you wait, your kid may still experience some pain and discomfort, so it’s crucial to know how to manage it at home.

However, if you notice that their symptoms are worsening and are prolonged, it’s best to rush them to urgent care right away to get medical treatment to ease the pain. 

What is an Ear Infection?

An ear infection most common with children is a middle ear infection or acute otitis media. This type of ear infection is common among kids three months to three-years-old. 

Ear infections are often caused by bacteria and viruses and usually follow after experiencing a respiratory infection or cold. This is because the bacteria or virus moves towards the middle ear, causing the tube to block. Since there is no easy exit, the fluid builds up, making the area trapped with fluid, infecting their ear and causing pain. 

What are the Common Ear Infections Symptoms for Children and Adults?

It pays to know the symptoms of ear infections for both kids and adults so you can provide the best recovery treatment immediately. 

Symptoms of Ear Infection in Children:

  • Ear pain when lying down;
  • Fever;
  • Irritability, Fussiness;
  • Continuous rubbing or tugging at an ear;
  • Difficulty sleeping;
  • Loss of appetite due to discomfort;
  • Headache;
  • Loss of balance;
  • Drainage of fluid from an ear;

Symptoms of Ear Infection in Adults:

  • Ear pain;
  • Trouble hearing;
  • Drainage of fluid from an ear;

Can I Treat Ear Infections at Home?

If you or your child is experiencing mild symptoms, you’d be happy to know that you can treat ear infections at home. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place a hot or cold compress over the ear that’s experiencing pain;
  • Use over-the-counter pain relievers to help manage the discomfort you’re experiencing;
  • Sleep in an elevated position by laying your head on propped up pillows to encourage the fluid to drain out of your ear;
  • Check with your medical provider on what type of over-the-counter ear drops you should use to relieve the pain;

When Should I Rush to Urgent Care?

Typically, ear infections should clear up in two to three days, but if it goes beyond that and you’re experiencing worse pain, medical attention may be needed, and you should rush to urgent care.

Here are some signs that you should go to urgent care:

  • If you or your kid has a fever of 102.2ºF or higher;
  • There is pus, discharge, or fluid coming out of their ear;
  • There is swelling at the knot behind their ear;
  • They’re having difficulty moving their face;
  • Severe pain that abruptly stops;
  • Lethargic or weak;
  • Extreme headache, prolonged dizziness, and loss of balance;
  • Symptoms for more than three days;

The Bottom Line: Knowing When to Take Yourself or Your Kid to Urgent Care Due to Ear Infection is Crucial

Our ears are one of the most important parts of our body. And when you’re experiencing intense pain due to infection, it’s only right that you seek medical assistance right away. With that, always keep these symptoms in mind and ensure that you get medical attention as needed. 

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