3 Things That Can Boost Your Children’s Gut Health

gut health

It may seem like a strange concept to expose your children to bacteria, but it is necessary for boosting their immunity and helping with their gut health. Humans have something called a microbiome in their body, which refers to the collective bacteria in the human gastrointestinal tract. To improve gut health, parents must nurture it early while their children are growing. Here are some tested ways to do that:

3 Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Gut Health

1. Feed them Good Bacteria

Good bacteria can be found in the food we eat. They may not be necessarily kid taste-friendly all the time, but they are absolutely essential for better gut health. Meeting the daily dietary fiber requirement feeds the stomach’s gut bacteria, which keeps it away from the inner walls of the intestine.

It may be a little tricky to give high fiber food to kids. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains may not be the tastiest things in a kid’s mind. But instead of forcing the plate on them, you can get creative by giving them plates of bright colored food with designs. 

The old but gold choo-choo train can also work for smaller kids. 

Reward them with healthy desserts such as fruit and yogurt, which contains active cultures that also boost gut health. And of course, lead by example. Whatever is on your kid’s plate has to be on yours. 

2. Avoid Giving them Antibiotics Regularly

It’s a natural parent response to go to the medicine drawer when your child is sick. But while antibiotics are great for times that call for it, you should not abuse them to the point that they’re your only solution. 

Antibiotics can kill the good microbiome present in the gut. A study at Johns Hopkins University showed that kids who were raised on excessive antibiotic use have a higher chance of being overweight. Use them only when prescribed and let the immune system do its work when minor illnesses come along. This is not just about gut health, but for the prevention of superbugs and other diseases.

3. Let Them Be Free to Get their Hands Dirty

Looking out for your child’s health is a crucial part of parenthood, but you can’t always protect them from everything. As people grow older, they become more and more immune to the bacteria that exists in everyday life. 

So let kids be kids. Let them run around in the garden and get dirty. If you have family pets, don’t stop your friendly furry buddies from kissing their faces. It’s better to give your kid a childhood full of joy than protect them from the mud—not just for their happiness, but for their health.


It is important to get your child used to a diet that improves gut health and that moderates consumption of unhealthy food. Letting them play around in environments that are normally filled with bacteria or allowing a dog to like their faces also helps.

Kids hold responsibility for their own bodies as well, so do not panic when there are minor health issues. But if they feel unbearable pain that needs medical attention, listen to them and consult a medical professional. 

If your child is experiencing extreme discomfort, bring them to a family medical facility in New Jersey that can treat them right away. Agile Urgent Care is a full-service facility that provides walk-in patients convenient and affordable services for illnesses or injuries that aren’t serious enough for the ECU. Visit our facility today.

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