A Responsible Parent’s Guide To Your Child’s Constipation

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Constipation is a common issue for children because their digestive system may still be getting used to the new diet, especially when you have just transitioned from breast milk to solid food. You need to be mindful of your children’s constipation episodes since it can be uncomfortable and indicate other health concerns. But what exactly should you know? 

This guide will discuss key constipation tips to help you over your child’s health and healthy defecation. Take this as an opportunity to be a responsible parent and consider their diet, wellbeing, and the development of their digestive system as a huge part of their maturity. 

1. Check your children’s poop after their potty trip

The best way to check if your child is constipated is after their potty trip. You need to check how long they took to poop and if it was difficult for them. Indications of constipation in children’s poop are mostly brown, firm, and don’t break apart during flushing. Take note of these and consult with your pediatrician immediately when it’s more frequent than normal.

Additionally, remember that constipation is a healthy process in your children’s development, and various indicators can orient you on their health. For example, let’s say you expect them to be potty trained at a certain age, but their health and development poses some challenges. 

Bring your child to pediatric care and talk about the development of your children’s health. Ask them about changes that need to be incorporated to keep your children’s health and well-being well-managed. 

2. Orient your children on what constipation feels like

Your child can tell you if they feel constipated if you orient them on what it feels like in their stomachs and during their potty training. Doing so will enable you as a parent to provide for their immediate needs and be attentive to their wellbeing. Remember to practice this with other health-related concerns, such as insomnia, fever, and other common ailments as a commitment to being a responsible parent. 

3. Take note of their daily water intake 

Your children need to be drinking water to ensure that the food and waste break down effectively in their digestive tract. You also need to remind them that they can request for water to drink while they are pooping. Doing so will allow them to pass their stool successfully. 

Be sure that your children have easy access to drinkable water by refilling their sippy cups. If they can drink out of a glass, provide them with child-friendly means, such as a stepping stool and accessible drinking water, for their convenience. 

4. Introduce your children to healthy, fiber-packed snacks 

Your children’s diet plays a huge role in their health maintenance and addressing constipation. Be sure to buy fresh, fiber-packed fruits like apples, pears, prunes, and bananas. You can also provide them with fruit juice, another natural laxative. But before introducing any diet, it’s best to consult with experts to ensure your children’s easy transition to different kinds of food. 

As such, consult with your local pediatrician about your children’s dietary needs and ask about constipation. Doing so will ensure that you can provide for your children’s needs during healthy conspiration and seek pediatric care during chronic constipation. 


There are effective ways to help your children when they feel constipated. You just need to keep a watchful eye on them and note all the previously mentioned tips. Be sure also to seek professional pediatricians to ensure your children’s good health and wellbeing. 

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