3 Tips for Choosing the Right Urgent Care Physical Therapist

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It may be difficult trying to recover from illness or injury, especially for people who are not athletic by nature. The hours of physical therapy may put a strain on the injured body part, as well as cause some mental and emotional struggle in the person receiving the treatment. 

However, physical therapy is a vital part of recovery, and can lead to stronger muscles and bones, ones resistant to future damage. Urgent care centers for physical therapy are a convenient way to get the services needed without having to visit a larger healthcare facility like a hospital. Programs in these centers are often more inexpensive and convenient, and they treat injuries like strains and back pain. 

Finding the right doctor is important, as the effective communication between a patient and a doctor often leads to successful treatment of the patient’s condition. Here are a few tips in finding the right doctor for you:

Research purposefully

Anyone looking up products and services today often rely on the internet for answers. Search engines are a great place to start when you know absolutely nothing about what you are researching.

However, to do a more targeted search, include your location in the keyword. For example, instead of searching “urgent care,” you can write “urgent care NJ near me.”  This limits the search engine to only results within New Jersey, and narrows it down to results within close walking or driving distance to you.

Make sure to ask questions

Do not settle for the first physical therapist you find listed. Call the clinic first and ask questions. See if you can talk to the doctor over the phone before a meeting, and ask them about how their physical therapy program is structured. You might also want to know how they might address your unique concern, or even their care philosophy.

From the office manager, you can learn details like operating hours, which days of the week they are available, and whether they accept your health insurance. You will be dealing with your physical therapist for a long while, so it is important that you at least get along with those who are involved in your treatment.

Visit the care centers that make the cut

When you have narrowed down your choices to about two to three centers, visit the centers in person to see if regular appointments will be feasible for you. Sometimes a place is further than is convenient, or is along a commute that is not familiar to you. You must weigh your travel time against other factors, like comfort and accessibility, and even doctor rapport. Many urgent care centers offer round-the-clock care, so you should be able to find one that fits with your schedule.

You will also want to check the facilities themselves. Is the equipment updated? Does the place look like it is cleaned regularly? Is the space well-lit and roomy, or are patients cramped in a small waiting room? The care that your prospective center shows for its patients should manifest in how they deal with office details.


Finding the right care center means looking for the best combination of methods, doctor communication, and environmental factors. A good center will aim to provide you all three, together with a specialized treatment plan for your unique case.

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